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Our Karate program is a complete martial arts system covering all of the possible combat techniques including hand, kicking, seizing and controlling techniques.

Class Times

Please see Master Schedule for class times.

Come see why we are considered one of the best Karate schools in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Waterloo Region.

The greatest value of karate lies in what we refer to as “right actions”. It teaches us to take right actions under a variety of situations. It teaches us to fight only when fighting is absolutely necessary.

Courtesy is always demanded and practiced in the Dojo and it will soon become part of your daily life.

The martial art system that we now know as Karate is relatively new. Master Gichin Funakoshi (1870-1957), the founder of Shotokan Karate, is generally credited with having introduced and popularized Karate on the main islands of Japan. He is generally considered “the father of modern Karate”

The true power of Karate is showing your opponents that they do not have a chance of victory. In order to reach this level, first you must conquer yourself, both physically and mentally. You must develop a strong will, perseverance, patience and endurance. From this training, your spirit is enhanced and life’s lessons can be understood more profoundly.

The fusing of the mind and the body in karate is beautiful and spiritual. Through Karate training we can attain the highest ideals of beauty and strength. The flow of mind, when totally absorbed during karate practice, connects the practitioner with the essence of their being.

The mastery of karate requires dedication and strenuous effort. The way of karate is fueled by the conflict within oneself, and may be thought of as a life-long battle which can be won only through self-discipline and hard training. It must involve your total being. Through the person, the techniques become art. In Karate, mind, body and spirit become one through mastery of the techniques.

The spiritual goal of Karate is to build a more peaceful and enlightened mind witch can lead to a deeper level of spiritual understanding. Only then can peace and inner harmony be achieved